Vaccine Information

Information on the COVID-19 vaccines is a changing landscape. CAFP and AAFP are closely monitoring information and resources of any COVID-19 vaccine.

As new information is available, this page will be updated to help members effectively prepare practices, counsel patients and administer the vaccine.

How do you get a vaccine?

Here is the latest information we have received: 
In December, CDPH released its recommended guidelines for allocating the COVID-19 vaccine during Phase 1-A of statewide distribution. Because the amount of vaccine available is expected to be insufficient for the number of people in these prioritized populations during Phase 1-A, the guidelines recommend that local health departments sub-prioritize the doses allocated to them as needed to match the level of available supplies. The recommended categories for sub-prioritization are: (1) type of facility or role, which is divided into three tiers; (2) location of the facility; and (3) attributes of the individuals.  Most healthcare personnel in non-acute care hospital facility settings are currently part of Phase 3 of the vaccine distribution plan under "other clinics." 
Family physicians and their practices/clinics should be in communication with their local health department to assure they are included in the distribution, if necessary.  


California Department of Public Health

Access the California Department of Public Health information on safety, allocation and administration of the vaccine. 

California COVID-19 Info

Visit COVID19.CA.GOV for more information on the state's distribution efforts.


Access CAFP's member-only SPARK forum to engage with other family physicians on the latest vaccine information.

AAFP COVID-19 Vaccine Information Page

The AAFP is monitoring development, approval and distribution.

CDC COVID Vaccination

Visit the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination page for more information on Clinical Resources for Each COVID-19 Vaccine


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