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Ways to Become Actively Involved

Share your voice as a family doctor and advocate for the future of family medicine. Join CAFP as we bridge the gap between health care and advocacy to make a difference in the profession of family medicine across the state.

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Key Contact

As a Key Contact, you will inform your state legislators and/or US Congressional representatives about critical health care issues in California. CAFP will provide you with information on specific issues as they reach crucial points in the state or federal policymaking process. You can then convey this information to your legislators as an informed, involved constituent.
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Attend our All Member Advocacy Meeting

CAFP’s All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM) is your chance to learn how Academy policy is made, network with colleagues with similar policy interests, discuss resolutions before the CAFP Board of Directors, and hear from speakers on a wide range of topics.
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Meet with Your Legislator

As a family physician, you are uniquely positioned to provide credible, on-the-frontlines feedback to your elected officials about how the state budget will affect your practice and the thousands of patients you treat. We've prepared all the information you need to set up a meeting, and help deliver a pro-family medicine message! If you would like help setting up a meeting, please e-mail CAFP staff.
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Engage with your Local Chapter

The CAFP is comprised of more than 30 county chapters within 10 districts. Local chapters help the Academy identify member needs, educate the public and advance the specialty of family medicine. As a member of AAFP and CAFP, you will automatically be a member of your local chapter. Each chapter hosts its own meetings and events. Find your chapter below for more information.
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Connect with your local CAFP chapter

Find fellow family physicians in your neighborhood.
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