Students and Residents

CAFP and CAFP Foundation are committed to investing in the future of family medicine and providing the tools, resources, and opportunities medical students and family medicine residents need to succeed in their FM journey.

If you require assistance with Student or Resident activities, feel free to contact CAFP at (415) 345-8667 or



Your Student + Resident Council

Council membership offers a unique opportunity to champion family medicine while developing the leadership and advocacy skills your future requires. CAFP selects medical student and resident leaders to each council throughout the year.

Family Medicine Residents' Poster Contest

Family medicine residents are encouraged to enter the CAFP Foundation's annual Resident Poster Contest. Twenty posters are selected for display at the Family Medicine Clinical Forum, ten are presented on the main stage to the Forum attendees and two are announced as winners. Posters are submitted for research and cases.

All Member Advocacy Meeting

Attending the All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM) is an invaluable way for students and residents to get involved in legislative advocacy.

National Conference for Residents and Students

The AAFP National Conference is your place to explore, learn, and connect with the next chapter of family medicine. Immerse yourself in topics ranging from clinical skills and career planning to the factors that influence health care system transformation. Leave with important connections and an energizing passion for family medicine.
Scholarship Application
DEADLINE: June 15, 2021

Procedure Workshops

The CAFP Procedures Workshop is a student and resident-led initiative that began in 2013. Each year, two workshops are held - one in Northern California and another in Southern California - to reinforce the concept that family physicians are trained in a variety of procedures used in daily practice.

The Summit
for Students + FM Residents

The Summit for Students + FM Residents inspires a new generation of family medicine leaders by bringing medical students and residents together to network and engage with their Academy. The Summit is a unique chance for attendees to make personal and professional connections, develop leadership skills, build advocacy acumen, and explore programs at the Residency Fair.

Ready to Get Involved?

Are you passionate about family medicine? Do you have a vision for our field? Take on a leadership role within your Academy and develop innovative ways to promote and advocate for family medicine in California.
AAFP has student and resident leadership opportunities year-round.

Connect with your local CAFP chapter

Find fellow family physicians in your neighborhood.
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