Committees of the Board

Medical Practice Affairs (MPA) Committee

Coordinate the Academy’s medical practice affairs activities, including work on practice issues such as privileging, scope of practice, payment, technology adoption, and quality improvement.
MPAC Charter

Committee on Public Health and Equity (CPHE)

CPHE will address public health issues, both reactively and proactively, to guide CAFP policy and activity.
CPHE Committee Charter

Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC)

LAC is actively involved in efforts to enact health care reform in California, reviews legislative proposals and ballot initiatives, and recommends principles and organizational positions to the Board..
LAC Charter

Committee on Continuing Professional Development (CCPD)

The CCPD enhances and improves the quality of patient care by maintaining, developing, and increasing the knowledge, competence, skills and professional performance of family physicians, and other primary care physicians — within California and nationally.
CCPD Committee Charter

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) Task Force

JEDI identifies diversity and equity goals and measurements in support of the Strategic Plan objective to integrate justice, equity, diversity and inclusion into physician education, training and leadership.
JEDI Committee Charter

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee nominates and evaluates candidates for CAFP office according to the qualifications set forth in the CAFP Bylaws.
GOV Committee Charter

Audit Committee

The CAFP Audit Committee was established by CAFP to ensure financial transparency for the organization.
Audit Committee Charter

Member Engagement Committee (MEC)

MEC works in defining member engagement measures and applying it to CAFP membership.
MEC Charter

Finance Committee

The CAFP Finance Committee (CFC) is responsible for conducting financial oversight and enhancing transparency.

Finance Committee Charter

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Committee Members

Committee on Continuing Professional Development (CCPD)

Carol Sue Havens MD, FAAFP - Co-Chair
Christopher V Flores MD - Co-Chair
David E Joseph Bazzo MD, FAAFP
Thomas Clinton Bent MD, FAAFP
Lee P Ralph MD
William On Woo MD
Tipu V Khan MD, FAAFP
Laura Jane Murphy DO
Tessa Sonja Stecker MD
Shayne Poulin MD
Fari Valji MD
Susan Mariscal Glockner MD
Shruti Javali MD
Janani Sankaran MD, MBBS, FAAFP
Bright Zhou MD - Resident

Committee on Public Health and Equity (CPHE)

Stacey Ludwig MD - Chair
Scott E Nass MD, MPA, FAAFP - Vice Chair
Malcolm K Lakdawala MD
Benjamin Sill Tuck Leong MD
David Loc Tran MD
Kareen Y Espino MD, MPH
Rebecca C Bertin MD, FAAFP
Kelvin Khoa Vu DO, FAAFP
Michelle Lough MD, MPH
Shani Ife Muhammad MD, FAAFP
Julie Marie Celebi MD
Lulua Bahrainwala MD, MS
Cynthia Sharling Chen-Joea DO
Sakshi Joshi MD
Bianka Alejandra Aceves Martin

Governance Committee Members

Shannon Connolly MD, FAAFP -  Chair
Robin Linscheid Janzen MD, FAAFP
Toussaint L'Overture Mears-Clarke MD, FAAFP
Tipu V Khan MD, FAAFP
Grace Chen Yu MD, FAAFP
Ecler Ercole Jaqua MD, FAAFP

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) Task Force Committee Members

Shannon Connolly MD, FAAFP - Chair
Melissa Campos MD - Vice Chair
Brent Katsumi Sugimoto MD, MS, MPH, FAAFP
Robert Assibey MD
Mihal Emberton MD
Melissa Velez See MD, MPA
Shani Ife Muhammad MD, FAAFP
Adia Z Scrubb MD, MPP
Caryssa Lim MPH - Resident

Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC)

Jeffrey S Luther MD, FAAFP - Chair
Erika Madeleine Roshanravan MD, FAAFP - Vice Chair
Amy Nguyen Howell MD, MBA, FAAFP
Lisa Maria Ward MD, MPH, FAAFP
Michael Jonathan Witte MD
Felix L Nunez MD
Alex McDonald MD, FAAFP
Abhinaya Narayanan MD
Lauren Michelle Wolchok MD
Kimberly A Buss MD
Shannon Connolly MD, FAAFP
Catherine Marks
Helen Petroff MD

Medical Practice Affairs (MPA) Committee

Taejoon Ahn MD, MPH - Chair
Paul Douglas Grossman MD
Tarek Zaki Mahdi MD, FAAFP
Lisa L Thomsen MD, FAAFP
Audra Lyn Budde DO

Member Engagement Committee (MEC)

Alex McDonald MD, FAAFP - Chair
Anjana Estelle Sharma MD - Co-Chair
Kevin J Rossi MD, FAAFP
Matthew David Varallo DO, FAAFP
Gregory R Lewis MD, FAAFP
Robert Assibey MD
Adnaan Edun MD
Dylan Michael Sabb MD
Jacklyn Nguyen - Student

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