Resident Poster Contest

The CAFP Foundation was pleased to support the 7th Annual Resident Poster Contest virtually on the CAFP Community Conversation, Sunday, May 24th at 7:30pm. The purpose of the poster competition is to promote scholarly activity by family medicine residents and to provide a unique opportunity for residents to share their research with a network of family doctors.  

Top 10 Posters

The top 10 posters were presented live, and can be seen in the carousel below. Download all of the posters here.

READ MORE Missed Opportunities: Improving Same Day Birth Control Initiation Using the One Key Question Method in an Urban Underserved Population at a Community Health Center
Lagina Scott, MD
Family Medicine Residency Training Program at Family Health Centers of San Diego
View Poster.
READ MORE Rare Thromboembolism Following High Risk Pregnancy
Abraham Vela, MD
Pomona Valley Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program
View Poster.
READ MORE Psychoeducational Intervention for Spanish-speaking Patients
Matilde Fredrickson, MD
Stanford-O'Connor Hospital Family Medicine Residency
View Poster.
READ MORE An Extra-pulmonary Complication of Vaping: Pneumomediastinum in a Young Male
Timothy Vu, MD
Riverside Community Hospital/UC Riverside School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency Program
View Poster.
READ MORE The "Bruins and the Bees" Program:
Sex Ed for Los Angeles High School Students

John Tran, MD
UCLA Family Medicine Residency Program (Santa Monica)
View Poster
READ MORE Not All Sepsis is Sepsis: A Case of Beta Blocker Overdose Masquerading as Sepsis
Dennis Woo, MD
UC Riverside School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency Program in Palm Springs
View Poster.
READ MORE Universal Screening for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in Female Patients Ages 15-24
Thu Nguyen, MD
Pomona Valley Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program
View Poster.
READ MORE To Bee or Not To Be: The Story of A Rare Cause of Ischemic Stroke
Megan Baikie, MD
Eisenhower Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program
View Poster.
READ MORE Dietary Sugar in a California Public High School Meal Program: Are We Contributing to Lifelong Obesity?
Anna Askari, MD
Eisenhower Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program
View Poster.
READ MORE Premature Thelarche Secondary to Lavender Exposure
Elizabeth Sophy, MD
UCSD Family Medicine Residency Program
View Poster.

More Posters

Other posters were selected, but will not be presented live. You can view the posters below.

Integrated Community Medicine: Elevating Resident Confidence & Teen Health at a School-Based Clinic

Lulua Bahrainwala, MD
Emanate Health

Hammering Pain: A Case Study on Dorsal Wrist Pain

Anne Oh, MD
Loma Linda University Health

Art of Cryotherapy - Treatment for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Kacie Paik, MD
University of California Riverside Family Medicine Residency

Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis in a Child with Primary EBV Infection

Lina Hadj Smaine, DO
Department of Family Medicine and Pediatrics, Riverside University Health System

Impact of Rapid Response Team Education on Ward Code Blues

Sabrina Jen, DO
PIH Health Hospital

Harnessing the potential of the EHR in support of I-PASS protocols can improve the resident care transition experience

Shane Walker, MD
Natividad Medical Center Family Medicine Residency

Isolated and In Labor: Managing active respiratory tuberculosis in pregnancy and across the U.S.-Mexico border

Krystal Jimenez, MD, MS
Scripps Mercy Family Medicine Residency

A Multi-dimensional Approach to Diabetes Control Effects of participation in Comprehensive Diabetes Group Clinic on HBA1C in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Rob Assibey, MD
Family Medicine Residency Program, San Joaquin General Hospital

A Case of Atypical Wernicke’s Encephalopathy: Suspicion Trumps All

The Resident Poster Contest


  • Resident physician at a California Family Medicine Residency Program
  • CAFP/AAFP Member

Poster Categories:

  1. Original Research: summarize the results of a well-defined research project
  2. Case Report: present a clinical case scenario

Additional Information:

  • The topic must be of value to family medicine and within the scope of family medicine.
  • Accepted entries are invited to display their posters at the Clinical Forum.
  • Up to 20 entries are selected for display at the Forum. Of those, the top 10 are invited to give a 2-minute/2-slide oral presentation. The top 2 posters are awarded prizes.  
  • Each abstract undergoes a blinded review process by family physicians on the Foundation Board of Trustees and other volunteer reviewers.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Clarity in the research and/or clinical question, study design and discussion/conclusion
  • Originality of project or question
  • Relevance to family medicine
  • Impact on future work
  • Potential to improve patient care or resident skills, knowledge and performance

Questions? Contact Pamela Mann at pmann@familydocs.org.

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