Get Involved

Share your voice as a family doctor and advocate for the future of family medicine. Join CAFP as we bridge the gap between health care and advocacy to make a difference in the profession of family medicine across the state.

Become a Key Contact

Our Key Contacts tell legislators the truth about what is happening in health care today. Legislators make decisions every day that will affect your patients and your practice. They need to hear from those who will be affected by those decisions.

As a Key Contact, you will inform your state legislators and/or US Congressional representatives about critical health care issues in California. CAFP will provide you with information on specific issues as they reach crucial points in the state or federal policymaking process. You can then convey this information to your legislators as an informed, involved constituent.

Attend our All Member Advocacy Meeting

CAFP’s All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM) is your chance to learn how Academy policy is made, network with colleagues with similar policy interests, discuss resolutions before the CAFP Board of Directors, and hear from speakers on a wide range of topics.

Meet with Your Legislator

As a family physician, you are uniquely positioned to provide credible, on-the-frontlines feedback to your elected officials about how the state budget will affect your practice and the thousands of patients you treat. We've prepared all the information you need to set up a meeting, and help deliver a pro-family medicine message!
  1. Find Your Representative
    Type in your home or work address and you will receive the link to your legislator's website, where you can find the contact information for the district office closest to you.

  2. Complete the Meeting Request Letter
    Complete the template legislative meeting request letter and fax it to your legislator’s office using the contact information found on his/her Web page. If there isn’t a fax number, call the office to find out the best way to send the request letter. Some offices may also allow you to email scheduling requests.

  3. Call and Schedule Your Meeting
    After faxing/emailing the letter, wait one day then call the same office and confirm your request was received. Ask for the best available dates and times to meet. Don’t be concerned if you end up meeting with staff. Congressional schedules change unexpectedly and staff will communicate your concerns.

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