Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

CAFP believes that the neglect and mistreatment of marginalized communities affects health and must be opposed. (BoD 7.15.17) Hate crimes and violence against religious, sexual, and racial minorities pose direct harm to patients. These problems are compounded by disparities in access to quality health care. CAFP opposes prejudice in all health care settings and communities. (BoD 2-1-2017)

CAFP policy also states that every person has a right to comprehensive, high-quality health services delivered in a timely, culturally-competent and economically sustainable manner regardless of their age, gender identity, sexual orientation, geographic location, income, health status or immigration status. Moreover, access to health care insurance should be universal and continuous and individuals should not be denied health care coverage, have their coverage limited or otherwise capped or cancelled based on a current or pre-existing health care condition(s), age, gender identity, sexual orientation, geographic location, income, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, health status or immigration status. (BoD 7.15.17)  

In addition, existing policy allows CAFP to support cross-cultural training for family practice residents and CAFP supports eliminating the use of race as a proxy for biology and genetics, and developing policies to ensure this is communicated in CAFP education. (BoD 7/20)

A Message from our President

Shannon Connolly MD FAAFP, President, CAFP

Thank you for visiting our brand new diversity, equity, and inclusion webpage.  The CAFP recognizes that we have a lot of work to do to advance health equity in California and beyond, and we’re actively developing resources for family doctors, including this web page. I hope that it will be a useful place for you to visit, whether you are looking for an article to share with your residents, or a toolkit for addressing social determinants of health, or you just want to know more about implicit bias.  

As you use this page, please feel free to give us feedback on what resources you find most useful, and also, what resources you would like to see added. These can be books, podcasts, journal articles, or videos. If something struck a chord with you or helped you to think differently and you want to share it with colleagues, let us know! You can do this either by posting on our SPARK Community or by emailing CAFP staff. Please also check out some of our great equity-focused CME, which you can find on our "Homeroom" page. Our upcoming quarterly magazine, California  Family Physician, will also be focused on DEI issues.

This fall, our board of directors will create our strategic plan for the next three years, and we will center equity work in this document. I know many of you are also working on your own DEI initiatives in your organizations. I look forward to hearing about your work, and learning and growing together with you. 

AAFP is conducting a race and ethnicity data collection survey. The data will help further identify the demographic composition of members, as well as recognize and raise awareness of minority issues.


AAFP Resources

AAFP Health Equity: Leading the Change
Free CME for AAFP Members.  AAFP invites you to promote better health for your patients with a five-part self-study learning series.

CAFP does not endorse or promote any particular product on this page. The resources listed are meant to provide opportunities for individual and professional growth for any and all members. If you would like to submit a resource, or have a question, please email us at cafp@familydocs.org.

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