Resolution Process

CAFP Resolution Process:

  • Resolutions can be submitted by CAFP members to the CAFP Board of Directors at any time throughout the year by completing the online resolution form.
  • CAFP members who wish to submit a resolution should ensure existing AAFP and CAFP policy does not already address the concerns. This should be done by consulting the CAFP Policy Manual and AAFP website.
  • Resolutions submitted by February 12, 2024 will be added to the agenda for the All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM), which will take place on April 13-15, 2024. At the AMAM, the author(s) of the resolution have the opportunity to present their resolution to AMAM delegates and the CAFP Board, and the CAFP Board will have the opportunity to hear testimony from AMAM delegates.
  • Resolutions submitted during other times of the year are added to the agenda for an upcoming CAFP Board meeting.
  • The CAFP Board may vote to adopt, amend and adopt, not adopt, or refer the resolution to a Committee for further study.
  • The status of current resolutions is updated quarterly following each Board meeting.
  • Once a resolution is adopted, it becomes official and public CAFP policy.

Guide to Submitting Resolutions

Answers to your questions on process, timelines, and dos and don'ts of Submitting a Resolution!

Current Resolution Update:

  • Click here to read resolutions submitted this year to CAFP and corresponding action recommended by the Board of Directors.

CAFP Policy

CAFP Policy articulates the positions, values, beliefs, and/or priorities of CAFP membership; and guides CAFP staff and the Board in the positions it takes on proposed legislation, regulations, initiatives, amicus briefs, and the specific work it undertakes, including educational efforts. 

All-Member Advocacy Meeting

CAFP's All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM) is your chance to make change in health care policy! At the AMAM, you’ll hear from policy and political experts, get hands on experience advocating for issues important to family medicine, network with advocacy-oriented colleagues, and meet with your legislators!

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