California Primary Care Residency Program Collaborative

Project Summary

The first cohort of the CA‐PCRPC project included 28 family medicine, internal medicine and OB‐Gyn residency programs. We are pleased to offer this list of programs and approved projects; a full results report will be produced and disseminated at the end of the grant cycle.

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The overall goal of this project is to improve education, outreach and treatment for patients with substance use disorder disease, including opioid use disorder, with a focus on medication assisted treatment options. Our goal is to enhance training for primary care physicians while encouraging creative and innovative approaches to meeting program and community needs.
With the goal above in mind, we have selected three objectives for this project:
  1. Advance the training of primary care residents and physicians in the field of substance use disorder disease treatment;
  2. Improve the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);
  3. Promote care that is patient-centric, engaging the community in the overall management of substance use disorder.

CAFP and the CAFP Foundation are inviting all California ACGME-accredited primary care residency programs training physicians in general internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology and family medicine to take part in this competitive grant collaborative. The total grant for this initiative is $2 million. Grant ranges could vary, but each applicant’s budget should not exceed $50,000 and we intend to fund 40 residency programs. Expression of interest can be made online.

Key Dates/Deadlines
May 6, 2019 – RFP Released
May 8, 2019 – RFP Conference Call for Interested Applicants
May 24, 2019 – Deadline for Expression of Interest
July 14, 2019 – Deadline for Full Grant Proposal
August 14, 2019 – Notification of Awards and Approval of Grant LOA/Milestone documents
October 19, 2019 – Location TBD – Face-to-face Project Launch meeting
2019-2020 – Collaborative conference calls, webinars and check-ins
September 11, 2020 – Location TBD – Face-to-face Convocation
September 29, 2020 – Final report/reconciliation complete
Expert Advisory Panel
Thomas Bent, MD
Toni Brayer, MD
Michael Cabana, MD
Carol Havens, MD
Tipu Khan, MD, MPH
Heyman Oo, MD
Kelly Pfeifer, MD
Michael Potter, MD
Lee Ralph, MD
Brent Sugimoto, MD, MPH
David Tran, MD

We hosted an informational conference call for all interested parties on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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