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Student + Resident Leadership Opportunities

student + resident councils

Are you passionate about family medicine? Do you have a vision for our field? Then consider joining the Medical Student Council or Family Medicine Resident Council! Council membership offers a unique opportunity to champion family medicine while developing the leadership and advocacy skills your future requires. CAFP selects medical student and resident leaders to each council throughout the year. Council members help coordinate statewide activities for students interested in family medicine and develop innovative ways to promote and advocate for the specialty in the state of California.

AAFP Leadership Opportunities

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) provides ample opportunities for medical students and family medicine residents to get involved at the national level. For students, please visit AAFP's Virtual FMIG website. If you are a family medicine resident, go to AAFP's Get Involved section.

CAFP committees

Interested in joining a CAFP committee such as the Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) or Communications Committee? If so, please see this section for more information an application details.

building bridges

The Student and Resident Councils have adopted the theme of Building Bridges to stress the importance of facilitating communication, increasing teamwork, and establishing lasting relationships between family medicine leaders.