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Published: June 28, 2024

Show & Tell: We've already escaped burnout… and you can too.

By Maryal Concepcion, MD, FAAFP
Owner & CEO, Big Trees MD, A Direct Primary Care Clinic in Arnold, CA

In the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare, it's easy for physicians to feel overwhelmed and disheartened by the endless administrative burdens and impersonal interactions that seem to define our profession. But amidst the chaos, there shines a beacon of hope—a revolutionary approach to medicine known as Direct Primary Care (DPC).

DPC embodies a paradigm shift—a return to the roots of medicine, where the doctor-patient relationship reigns supreme and bureaucracy takes a back seat. It's a model founded on principles of personalized care, professional satisfaction, and true autonomy in practice. And it's transforming the lives of physicians, patients and businesses across the country.

Just ask Dr. Garrison Bliss, whose visionary leadership has paved the way for countless physicians to reclaim their passion for medicine through DPC. Or consider the inspiring stories of physicians like Drs. Christina and Jake Mutch, family docs and husband and wife team who opened directly after residency and who have welcomed two kids while in DPC. Dr. Michael Chunn and another husband and wife team, Drs. Rosa and Oscar Torres, opened their DPC practices decades after running their fee-for-service practices. And Dr. Angela Bymaster has found renewed purpose and fulfillment in embracing this model serving the underserved in San Jose, CA.

But the journey to DPC isn't always easy. It requires a mindset shift, a willingness to challenge the status quo, and a commitment to continuous learning and growth. That's why resources like the annual DPC Summit, co-sponsored by the AAFP, happening in-person and virtually June 20-23rd, and platforms like CaliDPC are invaluable—they provide the support, education, and, most importantly, the mentorship physicians need to navigate this transformative journey with confidence.

So, fellow physicians, I challenge you to consider the possibilities of Direct Primary Care. Imagine a practice where you can focus on what truly matters—your patients. Where you can leave behind the frustrations of the insurance-driven system and rediscover the joy of practicing medicine on your own terms.

The time for change is now. The DPC revolution is underway. Will you join us?

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