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Published: February 15, 2022

CAFP Foundation Welcomes New President and Members of the Board of Trustees

2022 is already off to an eventful and exciting start for the CAFP Foundation! As the year kicked-off, the CAFP Foundation Board of Trustees (BoT) and the CAFP Board of Directors affirmed a new President and slate of candidates. We are grateful for the generous support, perspective and expertise from our outgoing Trustees and are thrilled to welcome a new group of leaders. Continue reading for a message from the immediate past President, incoming President, and to see a list of the current Trustees.

A Message from our Outgoing President, Dr. Marianne McKennett

I must say, it has been a wonderful journey and experience leading the CAFP Foundation. With a career spent in Medical Education, I was drawn to the mission of the CAFP Foundation to support medical students and family medicine residents. Over the past four years, I have watched our work take root - we’ve reached more student-resident members, sustained meaningful programs, implemented successful events and launched new activities that include poster presentations, leadership programs, clinical workshops, and mentorship. With student and resident input, we have renewed our mission statement to reflect the goals of the CAFP Foundation.

I am so pleased to have served during such a dynamic time of growth, innovation and transition. It has been a joy to welcome Pamela Mann as the new CAFP Foundation Executive Director. She has already led us forward in our mission.

I am also humbled by the generosity and grit of our CAFP community. Together, we have supported critical development opportunities for our future family physicians through scholarships, fellowships, and research grants. Even when the world felt a bit on hold, we continued our efforts to support medical students and residents in their academic and professional journeys.

This makes me reflect on what it means to carry out the Foundation’s mission. Philanthropy is at the heart of what the organization does. In fact, it's even how we begin our mission statement: through philanthropy. This potential of giving to build up the next generation of family physicians is so profound - so it must be nurtured and promoted, even during these extraordinary times.

This year the CAFP Foundation engaged in a robust process to select Board members that reflect our mission and the diversity of Family Medicine in California. I look forward to seeing what the next year brings, as Dr. Ron Labuguen steps into his new role as President and leads initiatives to invest in the bright future of family medicine in California.

A Message from our Incoming President, Dr. Ronald Labuguen

Let me begin by expressing a deep appreciation for Dr. McKennett’s long standing leadership and unwavering dedication to supporting students and residents. I am truly honored by the opportunity to step into this role and continue this work as your next CAFP Foundation President.

Because of the pandemic, our terms on the Board of Trustees were extended an extra year. So, with this year, we had the opportunity to recruit quite a few new Trustees this past fall. I was thrilled to see several excellent candidates putting their names forward - what a positive indication of interest in our organization, the desire to shape our work, and the opportunity to enhance diverse views and fresh ideas, which are vitally important to realizing our vision and mission.

As we look ahead to this year, I’m excited about the development of a new strategic plan that will carry the Foundation into the future with a clear vision of who we are and the role we wish to play in our field. I’m also looking forward to reflecting and learning, with a conviction that our investment in medical students, family medicine residents and early career physicians will continue to lead to impactful opportunities and program offerings that build a strong, capable, and vibrant workforce.

More than ever, we will strive to inspire and be inspired by a new generation of family physicians.

CAFP Foundation Board of Trustees

Ronald Labuguen, MD

Marianne McKennett, MD

Irina de Fischer, MD

Tom Bent, MD

Anna Askari, MD, MSBS

Lalita Abhyankar, MD, MHS

Parastou Farhadian, MD, CPE

Scott Kessenick, Esq

Wendy Lee, MBA

Nadine Grace-Abraham, MD

Christina Spandler, MD

Mohammed Rafae

Pranshul Goel


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