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Published: April 28, 2021

Outside of Residency and Work: Perspectives from the Student and Resident Council

​"The nervous excitement with starting each new rotation ​is slowly worn by seemingly endless new ​teams, new rules, and new attendings. ​However, there's also ​a bit of ​sadness when rotations end - because bonds quickly form during these intense training periods; and despite having the best intentions to stay in touch, our busy schedules simply get in the way of making real plans to remain in contact. ​During my ICU rotation I became really close with one of the Neurology prelim interns, Danielle. I lamented to her that I ​hoped we would stay in touch, but ​deep down, I doubted it. To my surprise, she had the same feeling - a familiar intent that never gets fulfilled. ​We made a conscious effort to break this cycle ​and secured plans before the rotation ended. Luckily, we both had outpatient rotations following ICU. I am happy to report that we did indeed meet for Boba (stumbled upon Orobae), dinner (Korean food), and even a movie (Promising Young Woman). It is almost a very strange thing to say, but I am so happy I made a new friend!" -- Lutetia Li, PGY1, Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Residency

​"​As I prepare to start my family medicine residency in June, I have a short window of "free" time to consider before life completely changes. I recently had the good fortune of having a great, 40-hour per week job, and I pondered whether I should work right up until the start of residency in order to save as much money as possible. However, I fully realize that the momentum and changes associated with intern year will require a version of myself that is more centered and rested. With that, I paused to acknowledge that personal wellness and celebrating years of hard work was just as valuable as earning a few more paychecks. When I matched, I decided to quit my job and make room for other priorities, ​like fitness, food, friends, and family. Last month, ​I ​took a ​trip to San Diego ​to visit with friends, surf, play​ ​volleyball, ​exercise​, ​eat​ amazing food, and attend sunset yoga class​es.​ ​I mention this because there's a healing quality that comes with doing other things you enjoy, and it's encouraging to reflect on your wins -- both big and small. ​Getting caught up in school or work is all too common, so this is a friendly reminder ​to ​pause and nurture your interests beyond the classroom or office, and always celebrate your accomplishments." - Haris Rana, MS4 - Ross University School of Medicine

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