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Published: February 4, 2023

Welcome New Chapter Boards!

Congratulations to the following CAFP members who have been elected to serve on their local county chapter boards. We are grateful for your service and excited to see what new, fun activities and support you cook up for your local members. Thank you!

2023 Los Angeles Executive Board

Gregory Lewis, MD, President
Emma Hiscocks, MD, President-elect
Jerry Abraham, MD, Vice President
Stacey Ludwig, MD, Secretary-Treasurer
Cynthia Chen-Joea, DO, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Kevin Rossi, MD, CAFP Board District Director
Rebecca Bertin, MD, CAFP Board District Director
Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD, CAFP Board Alternate District Director
Daniel Pio, MD, CAFP Board Alternate DIstrict Director

Jerry Abraham, MD, Delegate
Felix Aguilar, MD, Delegate
Rebecca Bertin, MD, Delegate
Phillip Brown, MD, Delegate
Cynthia Chen-Joea, DO, Delegate
Michael Core, MD, Delegate
Michelle Crespo, MD, Delegate
Emma Hiscocks, MD, Delegate
Elisabeth Kalve, MD, Delegate
Catherine Peony Khoo, MD, Delegate
Gregory Lewis, MD, Delegate
Stacey Ludwig, MD, Delegate
Evan Bass, MD, Alternate Delegate
Mark Benor, MD, Alternate Delegate
Viviana Huang Chen, MD, Alternate Delegate
Linda James, MD, Alternate Delegate
Michelle Yim Tang, MD, Alternate Delegate

A hearty thanks to outgoing President Po-Yin Samuel Huang!!


2023 Orange Board of Directors

Stephanie Chu, MD, President
Kim Yu, MD, FAAFP, Past President
Jaesu Han, MD, President-elect
Carrie Teasdale, MD, JD, Secretary-Treasurer
Anna Askari, MD, Member-at-Large
Sofia Meraz, MD, Member-at-Large
Christina Deckert, MD, Member-at-Large
William Woo, MD, Member-at-Large
Jorge Galdamez, MD, MPH, CAFP Board District Director
Duy Nguyen, MD, CAFP Board Alternate Director
Kun Chhai Meas, MD, UCI Resident Member
Jaesu Han, MD, UCI Faculty Member
Remy Slomoff, UCI Medical Student
Ellice Wang, MD KP Resident Member

Thanks to outgoing President Kim Yu, MD, FAAFP!!


2023 Riverside-San Bernardino Board of Directors

Mai-Linh Tran, MD, President
Ecler Jaqua, MD, Immediate Past President
Shayne Poulin, MD, President-Elect
Moazzum Bajwa, MD, Secretary-Treasurer
Lauren Simon, MD, Health Policy Director
Mary Hanna, MD, Community Director
Vivian Yang, MD, Community Director
Asha Dasika, MD, Resident Representative
Venus Esquivel, MD, Resident Representative
Sayyada Zaidi, MD, Resident Representative
Jane Joomi Kim - Medical Student Representative
Thank you to outgoing President Ecler Jaqua!!


2023 San Diego Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Julie Celebi, MD, President
Melissa Campos, Past President
Sarah Merrill, MD, President-elect
Caitlin MacMillen, MD, Secretary-Treasurer

Amruti Borad, DO, Director
Rebecca Rosen, MD, Director
Gregory Tmas, MD, Director
Soroosh Amanat, MD, Director
Miranda Sonneborn, MD, Director
Jennifer Chronis, MD, Director
Seth Camhi, MD, Director
Gene Kallenberg, MD, Director
Thao Tran, MD, Director

Maria Carreido-Cenicerso, MD, CAFP Board District Director
Fatch Chong, MD, CAFP Board Vice Speaker
Lee Ralph, MD, CAFP Board AAFP Delegate

Patrick Yassini, MD, Delegate
Lance Fuchs, MD, Delegate
Albert Ray, MD, Delegate
Randy Swartz, MD, Delegate
Kristin Brownell, MD, Delegate
David Bazzo, MD, Delegate
Cecilia Gutierrez, MD, Alternate Delegate
Brad Stiles, MD, Alternate Delegate
Daniel Slater, MD, Alternate Delegate
Merritt S. Matthews, MD, Alternate Delegate
Melissa Campos, MD, Alternate Delegate

Thank you to outgoing President Melissa Campos, MD, for your service!!

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