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Published: August 3, 2020

Danielle Jones, MPH Recommends Resources and Tools When Addressing Issues of Bias and Racism

In order to help facilitate conversations in your organization, Danielle Jones, MPH recommends resources from workshops she has presented at Cluster.  It is her hope that you can use these same tools to move your organizations and institutions into addressing issues of bias and racism as you become champions for equality.

AAFP Implicit Bias Training Guide www.aafp.org/implicit-bias

21 Day Challenge Building Equity includes a listing of podcast, readings, music and book recommendations to gain perspectives on issues of equity

Workshop on Institutional Racism.  Provides an overview of what it means for an organization to be both anti-racist and multicultural with key definitions.  Includes the discussion document "Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization" for participants to evaluate where their organizations falls along the "Continuum of Becoming Anti-Racist and Multicultural".  Use the continuum for participants to mark where they think their organizations falls.

Workshop 2.  Racial Caucusing.  Begin this workshop with a follow up of the results from Workshop 1.  Racial Caucusing Overview provided for background and the discussion guide.  For additional information on this activity you can reference the Racial Caucusing Guide and the Strategies for Racial Identity Caucusing.

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