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Published: June 14, 2022

CAFP Welcomes New Committee Members

The CAFP Committee Nominations Cycle
CAFP recently executed our first round of what is intended to be an annual, open committee nominations cycle.  We received nearly 50 applications from members throughout the state and are excited to welcome many of them to new committee positions! Congratulations and thank you, to these new committee members:

Committee on Continuing Professional Development
Janani Sankaran, MD
Shruti Javali, MD
Bright Zhou, MD (Resident)

Committee on Public Health and Equity 
Blaire Cushing, DO (Promoted to Chair)
Scott Nass, MD (Promoted to VC)
Shani Muhammad, MD
Julie Celebi, MD
Lulua Bahrainwala, MD
Cynthia Chen-Joea, MD
Sakshi Joshi, MD (Resident)
Bianka Martin (Student)

Legislative Affairs Committee
Jeff Luther, MD (Chair)
Erika Roshanravan, MD (VC)
Shannony Connolly, MD
Catherine Marks, MD
Helen Petroff, MD
Kimberly Buss, MD

Medical Practice Affairs Committee
Taejoon Ahn, MD (Promoted to Chair)
Patrick Sweet, MD
Emily Lu, MD

We also extend our tremendous gratitude for the years of leadership and contribution by those members who recently completed their service:

Continuing Professional Development Committee thanks Sarah McNeil, MD, Karen Muchowski, MD, and Liz McCraven, DO.

Committee on Public Health and Equity thanks former Chair Michelle Quiogue, MD, Romero Santiago, MD, Charlene Hauser, MD, and Travis Bias, DO.

Legislative Affairs Committee thanks outgoing Chair Carla Kakutani, MD, Catherine Forest, MD, Taejoon Ahn, MD, Jack Chou, MD, Steven Green, MD, Karin Grossman, MD, Trudy Singzon, MD, Radha Lewis, MD, and Casey Rodriguez, MD.

Medical Practice Affairs Committee thanks Larry Shore, MD and Lawrence Dardick, MD.

CAFP will open the next committee application cycle in November, with application due dates in early January, and we anticipate limited openings on nearly every CAFP committee. Most committees include positions for students and residents and this is a great opportunity to develop your leadership. Learn more.


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