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Published: August 2, 2019

Healthy Harbors for All Californians

Issues being raised by immigration actions, such as the separation of families, ICE activities, changes to the Public Charge policies for Medicaid, and CHIP, at the Federal level will have repercussions for all Californians, including physicians, their practice teams, and their patients. While the depth of problems that may be created remains unclear today, increasing physician awareness about such issues will better prepare them and other clinicians if and when the actions are implemented.

Working in collaboration with the Alameda Contra Costa Medical Association, San Francisco Marin Medical Society, American Academy of Pediatrics-California, Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California, and Sonoma County Medical Society, your CAFP Foundation offers an opening salvo, so to speak, an information and awareness campaign to lay the groundwork for future political, advocacy, and educational efforts aimed at protecting the health of California’s most vulnerable populations, especially children.

The six partners in this project have implemented a multi-pronged information strategy, including identifying champions to speak at live events and to the media; a series of position papers and patient education pieces; webinars on a variety of topics; and a web resource center for California physicians, culminating with a panel presentation at CAFP’s All Member Advocacy Meeting, March 2019.

Find resources here, including: The Change in Public Charge, Immigration Rights and Responsibilities, Family Separation, Health Consequences, and ICE Raids.

Our thanks to the California Health Care Foundation for its support of this important project.

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