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Published: June 16, 2022

Fresno Chapter Youth Movement!

If you were at the Forum this year, you heard Dr. Carol Havens’ call to engagement and action, imploring attendees to “accept the tap on your shoulder when it comes.” You also would have noticed there was a record number of students and residents in attendance this year. In the Fresno-Kings-Madera (FKM) chapter, they got serious about that “shoulder tap,” and even turned the tables, stepping up to ask their President, how could they serve? In response, the FKM Chapter decided to add a Student and Resident committee to their local Board, and in their chapter elections last week, a record 11 students and residents stepped into leadership. Congratulations, welcome and thank you to the new 2022-2024 Fresno-Kings-Madera Chapter Board! We can’t wait to see the new energy you bring!

Jyothi Patri, MD - President

Kirsten Winnie, MD - President-elect

Ronald Dominguez, MD - Treasurer

Zhoobin Bateni, MD - Secretary

Maria Jerardi, MD - Advocacy Chair

Sakshi Joshi, MD - Workforce Chair

Shruti Javali, MD - Education Chair


Resident Members:

Uzoma Dmitri Ezeuko, MD

Keerat Singh, DO

Stella Chan, DO

Harjot Randhawa, MD

Diana Howard, MD

Tricia Bautista, MD

Ayo Omole, MD

Vikram Dhillon, MD


Medical Student Members:

Arianna Zaheen

Mandy Helle

Uriel Martinez


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