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If you are a new member to CAFP or just looking to begin or renew your engagement at the state or local level, you can find information below on opportunities and resources available to you as a CAFP member. 

Opportunities for you!

by MEMBERSHIP Classification

Medical Students

Membership is free for medical students. Therefore, it's a perfect time to get involved with CAFP and your local chapter.

Opportunities abound for medical students to network with residents and practicing physicians at CAFP and local chapter events. You may also choose a leadership path with the Student & Resident Council.
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Family Medicine Residents

As a family medicine resident, you are being shaped into the family physician you will be for your career. CAFP and your local chapter are here to help!

From event opportunities and special career-building resources, you can find the information you need to connect with family physicians throughout the state.
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Early Career Physicians

If you are within seven years of completing residency, you are considered by AAFP an early career physician.
CAFP is here to support you in those early years as you begin to negotiate contracts, learn how to navigate health systems, and tackle student loans.
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Active Members

As an active member of AAFP, CAFP, and your local chapter, you are part of California's largest organization solely representing family physicians.

You represent the largest contingent of members in AAFP, CAFP, and your local chapter. Your voice is important to the future of each and we hope to see you involved at all levels.
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Life Members

Have you held Active membership in the AAFP for 25 years or more? Consider becoming a life member with a one-time dues fee.

Our life members are incredibly important to the connections of our current and future family physicians. We hope to see you staying engaged as you enjoy retirement.
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Other Members

Whether you are a Transitional, Supporting, or Inactive member with CAFP, we hope you stay engaged by attending events, taking courses on Homeroom and networking with your colleagues.

If you have any questions on what your membership means for you, please contact CAFP staff.
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Chapter Membership

AAFP membership is unified, which means that members are required to belong to the national AAFP and to their appropriate chapter. The AAFP has a chapter for each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Uniformed Services, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Members are also required to belong to a local chapter, if one exists in their area.

Chapter membership makes it convenient for AAFP members to access relevant information and focused resources right where they live and work. Chapters offer local and regional opportunities to network, mentor, volunteer, and get involved in the AAFP.

Local chapter membership is based on your home or business address listed with AAFP. If you live and work in different counties, you may select a local chapter based on your preference rather than your primary address. Contact CAFP if you have any questions on local chapter membership.

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