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Published: March 14, 2021

CAFP Celebrates Local Chapter Leaders

CAFP is proud to announce the current list of local chapter leaders, and we are grateful for their work. These leaders guide local chapter work and represent CAFP in the many communities across California.

Are you interested in getting more involved with your local chapter? Connect with your local chapter and see what events are coming up that you can attend!

Chapter Officers List 2021

(Chapters are listed in alphabetical order. Chapter leaders are listed alphabetical order by last name and current role is next to their name.)

Alameda-Contra Costa Chapter

Brent Sugimoto, MD, MS, MPH, FAAFP (President)


Butte-Glenn-Tehama Chapter

James Westcott, MD, FAAFP (President)


Fresno-Kings-Madera Chapter

Ronald Dominguez, MD (Treasurer)

Alejandro de la Parra-Landa, MD (Secretary)

Michael Moya, MD (Workforce Chair)

Jyothi Patri, MD, MHA, FAAFP (President)

Nidia Payan, MD (President-elect)

Geeta Ramesh, MD (Education Chair)

Catheryn Salibay, DO (Resident Member)

Alexander Sherriffs, MD, FAAFP (Advocacy Chair)


Kern Chapter

Michelle Quiogue, MD, FAAFP (President)


Los Angeles Chapter

Jerry Abraham, MD, MPH (Assistant Secretary-Treasurer)

Felix Aguilar, MD, MS, MPH, FAAFP (District 4 Alternate Director)

Evan Bass, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Delegate)

Rebecca Bertin, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Alternate)

Michael Core, MD (AMAM Alternate)

Michelle Crespo, MD, MPH (AMAM Alternate)

Patrick Dowling, MD, MPH (AMAM Alternate)

Mark Dressner, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Delegate)

Monique George, MD (President)

Nzinga Graham, MD (Immediate Past President)

Emma Hiscocks, MD (Secretary-Treasurer)

Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD (President-elect, District 3 Alternate Director)

Elisabeth Kalve, MD (AMAM Delegate)

Gregory Lewis, MD, FAAFP (Vice President)

Stacey Ludwig, MD (AMAM Delegate)

Karen Martinez, MD (AMAM Alternate)

Sirisha Mohan, MD (AMAM Alternate)

Arthur Ohannessian, MD (District 4 Director)

Daniel Pio, MD, MBA, FAAFP (AMAM Delegate)

Kevin Rossi, MD, FAAFP (District 3 Director)

Divya Shenoy, MD, MPH (AMAM Delegate)

Gil Solomon, MD, MPH, FAAFP (AMAM Alternate)

Lucila Tarin, MD (AMAM Delegate)


Merced-Mariposa Chapter

John Paik-Tesch, MD, FAAFP (President)


Napa Chapter

Tessa Stecker, MD (President)


North Bay Chapter

Veronica Jordan, MD, MS (Member-at-Large)

Panna Lossy, MD (President)

Francesca Manfredi, DO (Member-at-Large)

Toni Ramirez, MD (Member-at-Large)

Tara Scott, MD (Member-at-Large)

Elizabeth Shaw, MD (Member-at-Large)

Barbara Vall-Spinosa, MD (Member-at-Large)

Lisa Ward, MD, MPH, FAAFP (Member at-Large)


Orange County Chapter

Stephanie Chu, MD (Member-at-Large)

Kara Cummins, MD (Member-at-Large)

Christina Deckert, MD (District 2 Alternate Director)

Jorge Galdamez, MD, MPH (District 2 Director )

Anupam Gupta, MD, FAAFP (Immediate Past President)

Kathleen Lo (Student Member)

 Gabriela Meckler (Student Member)

Sofia Meraz, MD (Member-at-Large)

Abbas Naqvi, DO (Resident Member)

Duy Nguyen, DO (President)

Anokh Shah, MD (Community Fellow)

Carrie Teasdale, MD, FAAFP (Secretary-Treasurer)

William Woo, MD (Member-at-Large)

Kim Yu, MD, FAAFP (President-elect)


Riverside-San Bernardino Chapter

Moazzum Bajwa, MD, MPH (Community Director)        

Prashanth Bhat, MD, MPH (Immediate Past President)

Asha Dasika (Student Member)

Ecler Jaqua, MD, FAAFP (President-elect)                

Won-Jin Jeon, MD (Resident Member)    

Alex McDonald, MD, FAAFP (President)                       

Mia Montoya (Resident Member)             

Shayne Poulin, MD (Community Director)        

Maisara Rahman, MD (District 5 Director )            

Lauren Simon, MD, MPH, FAAFP (Health Policy Director)     

Mai-Linh Tran, MD (Secretary-Treasurer)                  


Sacramento Valley Chapter

Ava Asher, MD (Treasurer)

Sheila Attaie, DO (Resident Member)

Brea Bondi-Boyd, MD (Vice President)

Kimberly Buss, MD (Member-at-Large)

Jessica Fortin, MD (Resident Member)

Connor Gehris (Student Member)

Alicia Hobbs (Student Member)

Toussaint Mears-Clarke, MD (Secretary)

Arlene Reyna, MD (Resident Member)

Erika Roshanravan, MD, FAAFP (President)

Timothy Takagi, MD (Member-at-Large)


San Diego Chapter

Jeffrey Anthony, DO, FAAFP (AMAM Alternate)

David Bazzo, MD, FAAFP (CAFP President)

Kristin Brownell, MD, MPH (President)

Seth Camhi MD, MBA (Member-at-Large)

Melissa Campos, MD (President-elect)

Michelle Cao, MD (Member-at-Large)

Maria Carriedo-Ceniceros, MD (Immediate Past President)

Julie Celebi, MD (Secretary-Treasurer)

Anthony “Fatch” Chong, MD, FAAF (District 1 Director)

Lance Fuchs, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Delegate)

Cecilia Gutierrez, MD (AMAM Alternate)

Gene “Rusty” Kallenberg, MD (Member-at-Large)

Anne Kaufhold, MD (AMAM Delegate)

Joseph Leonard, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Alternate)

Caitlin MacMillen, DO (Member-at-Large)

Merritt Matthews, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Alternate)

Sarah Merrill, MD (Member-at-Large)

Lee Ralph, MD (AAFP Delegate)

Albert Ray, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Delegate)

Lee Remington-Boone, MD (AMAM Alternate)

Alan Shahtaji, DO (AMAM Delegate)

Daniel Slater, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Alternate)

Bradford Stiles, MD, FAAFP (AMAM Alternate)

Randy Swartz, MD (AMAM Delegate)

Patrick Sweet, MD (Member-at-Large)

Paige Thiermann, MD (Member-at-Large)

Uyen-Thao Tran, MD, FAAFP (Member-at-Large)

Patrick Yassini, MD (AMAM Delegate)

Ryan Yoon, MD (Member-at-Large)


San Francisco Chapter

Clarissa Kripke, MD, FAAFP (Vice President)

Ronald Labuguen, MD, FAAFP (President)

Stephanie Long, MD, FAAFP (Member-at-Large)

Sunny Pak, MD (Treasurer)

Lawrence Shore, MD, FAAFP (Secretary)


San Mateo Chapter

Steven Howard, MD, FAAFP (President)

Alexander Moldanado, MD (Treasurer)


Santa Barbara Chapter

Thomas Beamer, MD (President)


Santa Clara Chapter

Angela Bymaster, MD, FAAFP (Vice President)

Stephanie Clough, MD (Resident Member)

 Melissa Eidman (Student Member)

Emmeline Ha, MD (Resident Member)

Iva Ilic, MD, FAAFP (Treasurer)

Diana Mokaya, MD (President)

Jennifer Tran, DO (Member-at-Large)

Grace Yu, MD (Secretary)


Santa Cruz-Monterey Chapter

Blair Cushing, DO (Secretary)

Sarah Davis (Student Member)

Catherine Forest, MD, MPH, FAAFP (Member-at-Large)

Oscar Gantes, MD (President-elect)

Kristin Leonard, DO (Member-at-Large)

Stephen Matzat, MD (Resident Member)

Jeannine Rodems, MD, FAAFP (President)

Eric Sanford, MD, FAAFP (Member-at-Large)

Eugene Santillano, MD (Treasurer)


Solano Chapter

Yasmin Bains (Community Director)

Rossan Chen, MD (President)

Hannah Dragomanovich (Advocacy Chair)

Matthew Symkowick, MD (Vice President)

Robert Varady, MD, FAAFP (Treasurer)


Stanislaus Chapter

Joseph Provenzano Jr, DO, FAAFP (Treasurer)

Jose Rodriguez, MD (President)


Ventura Chapter

Amelia Breckenridge, MD (Secretary)

Jake Dodge (Vice President)

James Hornstein, MD, FAAFP (Treasurer)

Helen Petroff, MD (President)

Noelle Windsor, DO (Resident Member)

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