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Published: June 7, 2020

Addressing Racism: Resources, Advocacy and Education for Family Docs

The police killing of George Floyd has shown a light on the racism and bias African-American and other communities of color face every day, including in the very institutions sworn to protect and care for them. CAFP recognizes that bias and racism hurt people of color in health care as well, and in order to address it we must make fundamental change. California’s family physicians are committed to working to identify and address bias and racism in medicine and in our communities. We urge our members to use the momentum of this moment to push for change.

CAFP Statement on Racism

"Our patients rely on us to care for them. We are there when new family members are born and through the end of life. We are there in joyous times and incredibly tough times. We will continue to be there for our patients during this unrest and uncertainty. We must recognize the trauma that comes with violence and daily aggressions, physical or not. We must continue to fight for safe communities, including demanding that our police colleagues help us keep our patients healthy. We must address bias and racism in our institutions. And we must not turn away from looking at our own biases, and how these manifest in our practice as family physicians." - David Bazzo, MD, FAAFP

Read the full statement.

AAFP Statement on Racism

"As a health care organization, the AAFP considers racism a public health crisis. The elimination of health disparities will not be achieved without first acknowledging racism’s contribution to health and social inequalities. This includes inequitable access to quality health care services. Our members see the negative health outcomes of racism in their patients who are often at an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, low birth weight, premature birth and infant mortality."

Read the AAFP's full statement.


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