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Published: July 22, 2021

New Data Reports on ACEs Aware Training and Screening

The ACEs Aware initiative “ACEs Aware Screening, Training, and Certification Progress: July 2021 Update" was released today. This new data report details the number of Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) screenings conducted in California between January 1, 2020, and September 30, 2020, and the number of providers who completed the “Becoming ACEs Aware in California” online training between December 4, 2019, and March 31, 2021.

At this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have an important opportunity to build awareness and understanding of the trauma and toxic stress that all of us experienced and take steps to address it. Our growing community of trauma-informed networks of care are already playing a key role in helping Medi-Cal providers identify, treat, and prevent the secondary health effects associated with ACEs and stress.

These trauma-informed networks of care are bringing together health care providers, clinics, community-based organizations, and social service agencies to support children, adults, and families in effectively mitigating the impact of ACEs and toxic stress through collaboration, referrals where needed, and committing to follow-up.

View the full reports here.

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