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Published: March 29, 2021

2021 CAFP Proposed Bylaws Update - Summary of Changes

Pursuant to the CAFP bylaws, officer terms are tied to the Clinical Forum. To avoid uncertainty in years in which there is not a Clinical Forum, the CAFP Governance Committee and Board recommend an adjustment to the bylaws. Specifically, that the CAFP bylaws be adjusted such that officer terms are not tied to an annual event (the Clinical Forum).

The proposed revisions to the CAFP bylaws are highlighted in the pages that follow. These changes have been reviewed and approved by the Governance Committee and the CAFP Board of Directors. There are very modest changes highlighted beginning on lines 102, 216 and 452. In addition to addressing officer and Governance Committee terms, the changes allow for future convening of delegates under a title other than the All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM), should we separate CAFP governance and advocacy activities in future years.

Review the CAFP Proposed Bylaws Update here.

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