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Show and Tell / October 2020

Patient, Doctor, and Justice 2,655 Miles Away By Valji Farida, MD, Resident member, Long Beach Memorial FMRP Say what you will about 2020. It certainly hasn’t lacked for news. It has given time a whole new meaning. As we continue to be in the midst of the SARS-CoV2 pandemic – watching our health care systems […]

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Show and Tell / September 2020

Navigating the Parent-Physician Journey in a Pandemic  By Tipu Khan, MD, FAAFP, FASAM We discuss work-life balance all the time, but the conversation often ends as a cursory discussion about finding that sweet spot. For years, I have been trying to find balance in my life and it has been hard. Other than those in shift […]

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Show and Tell / August 2020

Being Present: The Power of Empathy Karen Muchowski, MD, FAAFP As Family Physicians, we have a daily battle to keep up with massive amounts of information on all of the illnesses that affect our patients. And now there is COVID…. So I thought it would be good to remind ourselves that just being present is […]

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Show and Tell / July 2020

By Carol Havens, M.D. Your CCPD (Committee on Continuing Professional Development) met recently and among other things, discussed resolutions submitted by members and forwarded to our committee by the Board of Directors. One of those resolutions called on the CAFP to “end the practice of using race as a proxy for biology or genetics in […]

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Show and Tell / June 2020 By Liz McCraven, M.D.

The latest events of this horrible year have not surprisingly turned my mind to systemic racism and public health. Addressing racism and implicit bias in health care is a perfect topic for this month. These are among the social determinants of health thought to account for up to 55 percent of health outcomes. I was […]

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Show and Tell: The Art of Change – May 2020

I just got around to reading an article called “The Art of Social Change” sent to me by a friend earlier this Spring. My friend recommended the article to spur thinking about how we can motivate our patients and the public around change. The author of the article, Kwame Anthony Appiah, writes about the importance […]

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Show and Tell: April 2020

Two pieces caught our eyes this month. CCPD members Dr. Tom Bent and Dr. Kim Duir are happy to share them with you. Have you seen a video, read an article, watched a TED, heard a lecture that might be of interest to your colleagues? If so, please share your “Show and Tell” with us […]

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Show and Tell: If You Only Read One Journal Article …

Post by Kim Duir, MD Make it a POEMs one! The AAFP American Family Physician journal does us a great service with their annual article that summarizes the 20 best POEMs of the previous year*.  POEMs, which stands for Patient Oriented Evidence That Matters, is the result of scanning all major journals for research that: […]

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Show and Tell: What do you do to sneak nutritional counseling into a busy patient care setting? 

Post by Christopher Flores, MD, Co-Chair, CAFP Committee on Continuing Professional Development Play Video: Presentation by Helen Delichatsios, MD, epidemiologist and clinician at Harvard, does a lot of research and education on nutrition. I love this video because she gives practical pointers on how to improve and include nutrition counseling into quick clinical encounters. The […]

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