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Family Physician of the Year

Carol Havens, MD, 2017 Recipient


The California Academy of Family Physicians annually honors afamily physician who represents the finest characteristics of the specialty. Our winners embody the finest characteristics of family medicine and are directly and effectively involved in public service and/or activities that enhance the quality of life in communities.


Our 2017 Family Physician of the Year is none other than Carol Havens, MD.


It has been written of Carol that she masterfully combines the scientific evidence that underpins her subject matter with practical management, diagnostic and therapeutic considerations. She consistently demonstrates enthusiasm, professionalism, and initiative. She leads from the lectern, the board table and in front of the media’s cameras. She is also caring and compassionate. Her message simultaneously challenges and supports physicians, patients, policy makers and the public. These traits allow her to consistently communicate a love of our specialty. The end result is that physicians are inspired and enthusiastic about the messages she teaches and speaks. I have listened to many individuals comment on her skill as a teacher and a leader, but I have been most impressed by how she inspires all of us to do and be our very best.


Dr. Havens exemplifies the pivotal leadership needed for cross-generational and cross-organizational collaboration that is fundamental to the creation of medical homes throughout our state now and into the future.


Congratulations Dr. Havens!

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