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Your Board of Directors met on July 14, 2018 and considered resolutions submitted to the 2018 All Member Advocacy Meeting and the BOD directly. This dashboard is regularly updated to reflect actions taken on results throughout the year, including referrals and submissions to the AAFP. For more information, please contact


Our 2019 All Member Advocacy Meeting will be March 9-10, 2019 with Family Medicine Lobby Day on March 11, 2019 at The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento.




In response to requests received at the 2018 All Member Advocacy Meeting as well as policy adopted at the April 13, 2018 meeting of the CAFP Board of Directors, two steps are being taken to ensure members are kept abreast of resolutions submitted to the Board of Directors between All Member Advocacy Meetings (AMAM) or after the deadline for submission of resolutions to the AMAM, and have an opportunity to comment on those resolutions and be informed about Board actions taken subsequently on those resolutions:


  • All resolutions/policy proposals submitted to the Board of Directors after the deadline for receipt of resolutions at the AMAM and prior to the next meeting of the AMAM will be posted on the CAFP website and notification that they have been received and posted made to members in our Academy in Action electronic newsletter.  The resolutions will remain on the website until the next quarterly Board meeting at which they will be considered, but no less than one month prior to the next meeting. If a resolution is received within less than one month of a Board meeting, it will be held over until the following Board meeting to allow adequate time for members to comment. 


  • A chart reflecting actions taken by the Board on all resolutions will be posted on the website and updated after each quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors.


Questions or comments on this policy are welcome.  Please contact CAFP at  Thank you.  If you have a policy you'd like to submit to CAFP at any time of the year, please use the CAFP Policy Resolution form to do so.

As a reminder, CAFP members are invited to submit proposed policy resolutions to the CAFP Board of Directors at any time during the year, not just at the AMAM.


2018 Resolutions

Res. B-12-18: Including Board Report F in Evidence-based Academy Educational Programs

Introduced by Panna Lossey, MD

Res. B-11-18: Single Payer Option (A Viable Solution to America's Health Care Crisis)

Introduced by Panna Lossey, MD

Res. B-13-18: Open, Member-Driven Process for Policy Development for CAFP

Introduced by Clarissa Kripke, MD

Res. B-10-18: Two Percent Tax on Gun Sales and Sales to Fund Mental Health Support Services and Education at Public Schools

Introduced by Rebecca Render, DO and Tessa Stecker, MD

Res. A-01-18: Food Insecurity Screening in Health Care Settings as Higher Standard of Health Care

Introduced by Cynthia Chen-Joea, DO, MPH; Isabel Chen, MD MPH; Michelle Lough, MPH, UCLA Medical School

Res. A-02-18: Supervised Injection Facilities as Harm Reduction to Address Opioid Crisis

Introduced by Zachary Nicholas, MHS

Res. A-03-18: Political Resources to Help Family Physician Champions Win Elections

Introduced by CAFP Board of Directors

Res. A-04-18: Removing REMS Categorization on Mifepristone

Introduced by Alison D. Block MD; Anastasia J. Coutinho MD, MHS; Emily Guh, MD; Chantal Lunderville MD, MPP

Res. A-05-18: Increased Percentage of Women’s Reproductive Health Topics at AAFP FMX and at the National Conference for Residents and Students

Introduced by Drs Emily Guh, Sarah McNeil, Nicole Person-Rennell, Anjana Sharma, and Anne Toledo

Res. A-06-18: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of California Hospitals through New Renewable Energy Standards

Introduced by Sarah Petrie, DO; Joanna Ingebritsen, MD; Kaitlin Best, DO; Sean Nisam, MD; Deborah Orosz, MD; Kristina Rodriguez, MD

Res. A-07-18: Call for Physician Wellness as a Quality Indicator of Health Organizations

Introduced by Helen Lam, MD; Jessica DeJarnette, MD

Res. A-08-18: Requiring an Evidence-Based Nutrition Curriculum for US Medical Schools

Introduced by Christie M Thomas, MD; Kelsey Krigstein, MD

Res. A-09-18: One Cent Per Ounce Excise Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Introduced by Rossan Chen, MD MSc; Matt Symkowick, MD

Res. ER-01-18: A Call for Guidelines to Manage ICE Threats in Health Care Settings

Introduced by Lara Crystal-Ornelas, MD; Navee Sidhu, MD; TC Robbins, MD, MPH; Brandon Cortez, MD;
Tara Scott, MD