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CAFP’s 2018 All Member Advocacy Meeting will be held Saturday-Sunday, March 10-11, 2018, followed by Family Medicine Lobby Day on Monday, March 12. The AAFP has reviewed and approved the AMAM for 7.75 AAFP Prescribed credits. Our meeting again will be at The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, but will start a little earlier and end a little earlier on the first day – an 11 am start-time and a 4 pm end-time. If you’d like to make your reservation at The Citizen, please call 916-447-2700 and mention that you should receive the Academy’s convention rate of $169 plus tax.




The deadline for receipt of resolutions for the 2018 CAFP All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM) was December 18, 2017. Resolutions submitted by the deadline will be included in the Participants Handbook, accompanied by Fiscal and Speaker’s Notes as needed. The Handbook will be available to attendees in early February. Resolution authors and others are invited to testify before the CAFP Board of Directors during the AMAM.  No action will be taken on the resolutions at the AMAM, but the Board will consider what actions should be taken during the course of the year and will report back at the next AMAM as to their disposition. As a reminder, CAFP members are invited to submit proposed policy resolutions to the CAFP Board of Directors at any time during the year, not just at the AMAM.


2018 Resolutions

Res. A-01-18: Food Insecurity Screening in Health Care Settings as Higher Standard of Health Care

Introduced by Cynthia Chen-Joea, DO, MPH; Isabel Chen, MD MPH; Michelle Lough, MPH, UCLA Medical School

Res. A-02-18: Supervised Injection Facilities as Harm Reduction to Address Opioid Crisis

Introduced by Zachary Nicholas, MHS

Res. A-03-18: Political Resources to Help Family Physician Champions Win Elections

Introduced by CAFP Board of Directors

Res. A-04-18: Removing REMS Categorization on Mifepristone

Introduced by Alison D. Block MD; Anastasia J. Coutinho MD, MHS; Emily Guh, MD; Chantal Lunderville MD, MPP

Res. A-05-18: Increased Percentage of Women’s Reproductive Health Topics at AAFP FMX and at the National Conference for Residents and Students

Introduced by Drs Emily Guh, Sarah McNeil, Nicole Person-Rennell, Anjana Sharma, and Anne Toledo

Res. A-06-18: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of California Hospitals through New Renewable Energy Standards

Introduced by Sarah Petrie, DO; Joanna Ingebritsen, MD; Kaitlin Best, DO; Sean Nisam, MD; Deborah Orosz, MD; Kristina Rodriguez, MD

Res. A-07-18: Call for Physician Wellness as a Quality Indicator of Health Organizations

Introduced by Helen Lam, MD; Jessica DeJarnette, MD

Res. A-08-18: Requiring an Evidence-Based Nutrition Curriculum for US Medical Schools

Introduced by Christie M Thomas, MD; Kelsey Krigstein, MD

Res. A-09-18: One Cent Per Ounce Excise Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Introduced by Rossan Chen, MD MSc; Matt Symkowick, MD

Res. ER-01-18: A Call for Guidelines to Manage ICE Threats in Health Care Settings

Introduced by Lara Crystal-Ornelas, MD; Navee Sidhu, MD; TC Robbins, MD, MPH; Brandon Cortez, MD;
Tara Scott, MD