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Member of the Month

june 2017

Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD

Po-Yin Samuel Huang, MD is a graduate of the Keck School of Medicine at University of Southern California (USC). He completed his residency in 2014 at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles, after which he joined Southern California Permanente Medical Group as a practicing FP. Dr. Huang is an active member of the Los Angeles Chapter of CAFP, and regular participant at the annual Clinical Forum, the All Member Advocacy Meeting and the AAFP Advocacy Summit (formerly Family Medicine Congressional Conference). He serves as Legislative Key Contact for the FP-PAC and was a Minority Delegate to the 2017 National Conference of Constituency Leaders (NCCL).

Why did you choose family medicine, and what’s your favorite aspect of it?

I believe primary care is the best way I can serve patients, and family medicine is the best way for me to learn and practice primary care. I enjoy the broad spectrum of our practice and value the preventative aspect of our philosophy.


Were you inspired by anyone to pursue family medicine?

I was drawn to the field of medicine when I learned of Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s story, bringing the power of healing to the needy and serving people through the practice of full spectrum medicine. Having gone on several medical missions myself, I believe family medicine prepared me well to serve communities in need.


What is the most interesting/memorable experience you have had when dealing with a patient?

I have a patient on chronic opioids. As I got to know him better, it became clear that opioid medication is not the right treatment for him. He was very angry with me when I weaned him off the opioid medication and wanted to find a new doctor. However, a month later, he came to see me again. He told me that he realized I truly cared for him and wants to continue to receive care from me and work with me to improve his health. I was very touched by his acknowledgement and felt energized to continue to care for patients the best way I know how.


what one word or phrase characterizes your style of family medicine



what is the best experience you have had during your career as a family physician so far?

I don’t have a unique experience that could be characterized as “best” but more of a collective experience that I truly enjoy. For me, this is that sense of “reunion” when I see a patient for follow up; that handshake or hug and that acknowledgement from a patient regarding my prior and ongoing care for him/her. I truly cherish these moments. They are what drives me.


It is important for me to be a member of CAFP and AAFP because:

I value the advocacy effort of our Academy to help improve the lives of our patients and colleagues. I believe together our voices become stronger.


what has been your best experience as a CAFP member? Why?

Attending the All Member Advocacy Meetings and going to lobby our legislators.


The most important resource I find CAFP offers me is:

CAFP provides an avenue for advocacy and leadership advice.


how do you make a difference in family medicine in your community?

I participate in various committees within my medical group (SCPMG) to help improve the quality of our care and provide a primary care voice on these committees. I enjoy participating in local health fairs and working with medical students to share with them the wonderful work of primary care.


tell us about a project in which you are involved and why it is important to you:

I am part of my department’s quality committee. I work on improving the quality of care provided to our patients through monitoring various quality measures. I believe the knowledge of how we perform can help guide the betterment of our care. I also enjoy learning from my colleagues and helping to spread the best practices among ourselves.


What are good qualities a family physician should have?

To be compassionate, empathetic, patient, attentive and resourceful.


Do you remember your personal statement for medical school? If so, would you like to share an excerpt?

I have always possessed a sense of service. Throughout my life, I have been able to put the needs of others before my own desires. I have done this in my relationships with family, close friends and even strangers. I recently returned from doing missionary work in Inner Mongolia. During this mission, I worked with a team to share our experiences through worship and fellowship with the local youth. It was very exciting to experience a different culture and establish new friendships with people of different backgrounds. At the same time, I witnessed a land in need of better health care and more sanitary living conditions. In the future, I hope to be able to provide both spiritual and medical support to these underserved areas.


What one sentence of advice would you give to medical students interested in family medicine?

Join family medicine, for here is the joy of building a relationship with patients as the healer of whole persons and their loved ones.


How do you spend your free time?

Hanging out with family and eating at exotic restaurants.


If you weren’t a doctor what would you be doing with your career?

Physicist or engineer.


Tell us briefly about your family:

I recently got married in October of 2016. My wife finished her master of interior architecture. I live with my wife and our two cats, Uni and Ebi. My sister also lives with us. My parents are physicians in Taiwan (mother in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and father in ophthalmology).


Each month, CAFP highlights one outstanding California family physician member who lends their voice, time, talent and resources to strengthen the specialty of family medicine and his or her community. The Member of the Month interviews are conducted by CAFP staff. If you choose to share this article, feel free, but give appropriate source and author information. If you would like to share your story or know a family physician colleague who deserves to be recognized for his or her impact or leadership, contact us at (415) 345-8667 or email.