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healthy, happy holidays


With the holidays in full swing, there is so much joy found in festive activities, spending time with family and partaking in our favorite holiday events from ice skating to cooking in the kitchen and more. With all of this to look forward to, it is important to keep some things in mind for the holiday season. More time spent chatting with family around the fireplace, baking holidays cookies and shopping among the crowded mall means more time spent possibly exposing yourself to lots of germs. The arrival of the holidays is usually accompanied with the risk of catching the flu or other colds. Cold air is friendlier to viruses and sickness can spread through a family within days.


Cold air is also friendlier to staying inside and warm near the fireplace. This is a wonderful family pastime, but it can mean less motivation or opportunity for outdoor activities and exercise. Staying active during the holidays is important because the holidays mean scrumptious desserts, big meals and festive drinks. Balancing enjoying holiday treats with exercising is a great way to ensure you stay healthy during this time of year. Getting your dose of exercise doesn’t have to be onerous! If the weather is temperate, plan a family hike or walk around town. If not, encourage a family outing to your gym or even the mall for some holiday shopping. You can make a trip to the mall a friendly, familial competition if you have fitness tracking apps or devices - whoever gets the most steps wins and maybe gets to open the first present!


All of these exciting activities and increased time spent with family or fellow shoppers means it’s essential to make sure you are staying healthy by washing your hands often, not sharing food or utensils with others and balancing delicious meals with enjoyable exercise. Here’s to healthy and happy holidays!