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Why Join CAFP?


CAFP is the largest chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the only organization solely dedicated to advancing the specialty of family medicine in California. As a family physician, your membership is an important indication of your commitment to the specialty and to the patients you serve. More than 9,300 California family physicians, residents, and students are members of CAFP because they understand the important and valuable role this organization plays.

Member Testimonials

CAFP is more than an organization; it is a group of highly intelligent, energized, talented and close-knit individuals striving for a better world in healthcare and life in general.

Raul Ayala, MD
CAFP Member Since 2013

CAFP and AAFP are so important because both support me in being the best clinician I can be. 

Jennifer Hastings, MD
CAFP Member since 2004

Family doctors represent the backbone of our health care system. Our professional voices are broadcast through the friendly and resourceful staff of CAFP and AAFP.

Nathan Hitzman, MD, FAAFP
CAFP Member Since 2005

The resources provided by CAFP and AAFP are cutting-edge and keep me ahead of the game in negotiating health care changes coming down the pike. I have been involved with care of the underserved throughout my career, and this is the only professional organization that prioritizes the needs of that population.

Asma Jafri, MD, FAAFP
CAFP Member Since 1984

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