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CAFP Opposes Proposed Barriers to Reproductive Health Care

CAFP submitted a letter to U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) this week strongly opposing proposed changes to the Title X Family Planning Program. HHS’s proposal would dramatically reduce access to care for patients and make it prohibitively difficult for family physicians to provide comprehensive and appropriate advice about contraceptive methods. Title X is a federal grant program dedicated to providing individuals who might not otherwise have access to care with comprehensive family planning and related preventive health care services. The proposed regulations violate existing CAFP policy supporting access to reproductive health services when deemed appropriate by evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and the judgment of a qualified health care professional. Analysis by nearly every medical organization and advocacy group found the proposed regulations would undermine the evidence-based standard of care and effectiveness of the Title X program, represent undue legislative interference in the independent practice of medicine, increase costs to taxpayers, create additional administrative burden and bureaucratic uncertainty and destabilize federally qualified health centers.