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Ideal Practice Setting

Family medicine offers a wide array of practice settings. This guide provides an overview of the most common settings to help you determine the perfect practice opportunity for you.

HealthECareers Article Database

HealthECareers is a top resource for trending articles in the health care professions.

Your First Job as a Family Physician: What to Expect

You’re in your final year of residency and looking ahead as you navigate the various practice options and job offers available to you. Read on to get a broad understanding of the workforce, hiring, and salary trends in California and better prepare yourself to make an informed decision about your first job as a family physician.


Resumes, CVs and Cover Letters

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae (CV) is an essential piece of a family physicians’ portfolio and your opportunity to make a great first impression on a potential employer.

Sample Curriculum Vitae


Jobs and Fellowships

FP Jobs Online

If you’re still looking for the right opportunity, visit, an easy-to-use online job center where you can post your CV for free, browse job listings and respond to job announcements specific to family medicine.

Job Hunting Tips for Doctors in a Tough Economy

The medical field hasn't been marred with massive job-cuts like other industries, but ask around, and you'll find plenty of tightness all around.

The Interview Process

Interviewing for your first post-residency job is a delicate process. You should begin by assessing a practice’s general characteristics. The following questions may be helpful as you assess a practice’s health and viability to determine if you want to join the team.

Employment Contract FAQs

Signing a contract always takes careful consideration. This is even truer when entering into a professional employment relationship.

Space Sharing Checklist

Use this checklist during interviews with practices in which you are considering a partnership or space-sharing agreement. By covering all the bases up front, you will do much to avoid unnecessary conflict down the road, advises management consultant Keith Borglum.

Questions for a New Partner

Most new physicians join a practice without first giving it a thorough history and physical. Here is a checklist of questions to ask about any new partnership or office sharing prospect.


Managing Your Career

4 + 4 = 40

As residents and new physicians completing your 4 + 4, you are headed into your next 40, the years of Continuing Medicine Education (CME), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and Maintenance of Certification (MC-FP).  Fortunately the California Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP) is here to assist you on the journey.

AAFP Board Prep Materials

New to Practice

The California Academy of Family Physicians has developed this checklist of action items and issues to consider as you enter practice in California, whether you have just completed residency or have moved here from another state.

Malpractice Overview

Worried about how the malpractice market in California might affect your livelihood as a family physician? Here are some basics to get you thinking about malpractice insurance so that you can sleep easier at night.