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physician leaders in integrated groups




"The most valuable "currency" of any organization is the initiative and creativity of its members. Every leader has the solemn moral responsibility to develop these to the maximum of his/her people. This is the leader's highest priority."

-- W. Edward Demin


“Ready to Lead: Physician Leadership for the Integrated Group Setting” is designed for early career family physician members of the California Academy of Family Physicians who work in integrated health care delivery systems and who seek to enhance their career opportunities. Health organizations of every type must respond to the challenges of changing policy and market realities. Becoming more innovative, leaner, more strategic in bringing about significant changes required to thrive and becoming more responsive to customers’ and stakeholders’ needs and demands are essential to a dynamic health system. Transformational leadership skills are necessary to address such changes and family physicians leading from the inside can help shape payment policies that recognize the value of primary care and family medicine.



Our objective is to provide emerging family physician leaders of larger medical groups, etc. with the skills and abilities to help their integrated care organizations be successful in a changing health care environment. Our emerging leaders are paired with mentors who will guide them on this leadership path. Through a series of skills and competency trainings that both mentor and mentee will attend, mentees will embark on a Leadership Improvement Project (LIP) with their mentors. Progress reports and accompanying presentations among the cohort will be staggered throughout the program and culminate in a final report at graduation. This program is an 18-month endeavor to help elevate family physicians from the inside of integrated groups to shape payment policies that recognize the value of primary care and family medicine.


our ready to lead class

CAFP’s newest leadership program launched on November 11, with our group of 28 mentors and mentees meeting in San Francisco for their first seminar in the 18-month journey.  Ed O'Neil, PhD, is our lead facilitator, with CAFP staffers Susan Hogeland and Shelly Rodrigues as part of the faculty.   During the first seminar, the group discussed leadership models and frameworks, theory of leadership, levels of influence and their Myers-Briggs assessments.  The session also included a great role-playing exercise on communication.  The group has a total of four webinars, three F2F seminars, a project and assignments between formal sessions.  We'll keep you posted!  


Medical Group




Beaver Medical Group

Redlands Bob Borne, MD Tonya Yoney, MD
William Jih, MD Katrina Carter, MD
Lee Ounanian, MD Both above

Eisenhower Medical Center

Palm Dessert

Joe Scherger, MD Benjamin Mahdi, MD

John Muir Physician Network

Walnut Creek Tae Ahn, MD Deborah Greer, MD

Loma Linda University Health Care

Loma Linda Lauren Simon, MD Ngozi Ezinwa, MD

Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Palo Alto Rick Leary, MD George Besser, MD
Dominique Quincy, MD Pauline Siao, MD
Kelly Derbin, MD Patricia Hockett, MD
Kevin Chen, MD Leal Hsiao, MD
Joan Falkenburg, MD Supreet Bindra, MD

Permanente Medical Group, North

Oakland Stephanie Scott, MD Emlyn Jones, MD

Hill Physicians Medical Group, Inc.

San Ramon Elisabeth "Rusty" Renner, MD Gina Tobalina, MD
Amir Sweha, MD Gina Tobalina, MD

MemorialCare Medical Group

Long Beach Jeffrey Luther, MD Rachit Doshi, MD
Sutter Health Burlingame Gopi Desai, MD Wen Liang, MD