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Raising the Bar: Rating and Improving Diabetes Quality of Care in Daily Interactions provides learners with an update of the new 2017 ADA Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes and describes best practices for individualizing treatment for Type 2 Diabetes. Faculty will challenge learners at multiple points to respond to two representative provider-patient interactions. Learners will be asked to rate the quality of each of the interactions based on a number of factors, and will subsequently receive feedback, opinions, and guidance from the faculty.


Meet two patients, Robert and Sr. Cruz, during their provider visits for T2DM and choose how you would have managed the encounters differently. Also see how your colleagues would have proceeded in these patient visits. CAFP members Raul Ayala, MD and William Woo, MD, both graduates of the CAFP CME Leaders Program, are faculty for this highly engaging activity that includes resources and evidence-based tools to improve T2DM care.