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donor of the month

Christie Thomas, MD is the Family Physicians Political Action Committee (FP-PAC) March Donor of the Month! Currently in her third year of residency, Christie is a Legislative Key Contact and serves as an Advocacy Chair and Alternate Delegate for the Solano Chapter of CAFP. She will be present at the All Member Advocacy Meeting in March to present a resolution proposing an evidence-based nutrition curriculum for US Medical Students to combat the obesity epidemic. Dr. Thomas made her first ever PAC contribution in 2017!




Why do you contribute to FP-PAC? What inspired you to become a first time donor in 2017?


I think it’s crucial that physicians get involved to advocate both for their patients and themselves. Unfortunately, our commitment to our patients often limits our involvement in the community and advocacy arena. For this reason, I decided to contribute to the FP-PAC – to ensure that my patients’ needs and my own professional interests are adequately represented, especially in the current political climate that is threatening access to care and affordability, and with the growing administrative demands placed on doctors.


What would you say to someone who may be hesitant to contribute to a Political Action Committee?


I would encourage physicians from all specialties to get involved with a Political Action Committee, through a donation of money and/or time. I view patient advocacy work both as a professional obligation and immense privilege, and physician advocacy as more of a personal investment. There is a sense of hope, encouragement and control provided by my involvement in these efforts.



Have you ever attended an FP-PAC event or represented FP-PAC at a fundraiser? If so, what did you learn by attending the event? If not, would you like to in the future?


I haven’t yet attended an FP-PAC event, although I would be interested in attending one in the future.



What was one of the earliest advocacy or PAC activities you undertook in medicine? What was meaningful to you about that experience?


My earliest advocacy experience was in medical school working as a Certified Application Counselor helping patients to sign up on the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. It was a privilege to help patients navigate the complicated system for the betterment of their health. I also was able to attend the AAFP Advocacy Summit last May and advocate on Capitol Hill to discuss different topics with several Congressman. That was a very exciting and empowering experience!