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January 2016 Member of the Month

Anne Montgomery, MD, FAAFP

Anne Montgomery, MD, FAAFP, was inspired to pursue family medicine after her clinicals at Mayo Medical School in Minnesota. “I liked everything about it,” Dr. Montgomery says, “especially the long-term patient relationships. It’s great to get to know people over time and work with their whole families”.

After relocating to Washington, Dr. Montgomery spent twenty years as a faculty member with the University of Washington and also also served as the President of the Washington Academy of Family Physicians before recently relocating to California. She now serves as the Program Director of the Family Medicine Residency Program at Eisenhower Medical Center.


Why did you choose family medicine?

Sort of the usual story—at Mayo we did clinicals our second year of med school. I liked everything, loved OB, but figured out I was not a surgeon—like doing stuff with my hands but not being in the OR for extended periods of time! I did a clerkship with a young woman family physician who had a young child, so discovered family medicine was doable. And I had wonderful role models – Bob Avant (former executive director of ABFM) was my med school advisor and John Bachman was one of my amazing FM faculty.


What is the most interesting/memorable experience you have had when dealing with a patient?

I was practicing in a small town. I had an OB patient who had had a stillbirth with her first pregnancy. I had her see the perinatologist early in her pregnancy and we were following his recommendations. She rapidly developed complications over about a two-day period at 26 weeks, came in, got transferred to the tertiary care hospital and had an emergency C-section. Unfortunately the baby died. She was a member of my church. I went to the funeral and grieved with her and her husband and shared the community support with her.


What one word or phrase characterizes your style of family medicine?

Patient advocate.


What is the best experience you have had during your career as a family physician so far?

Tough. Lots of wonderful experiences. Had an incredible year in 2013 – I was President of the Washington Academy of Family Physicians and my husband, Glen Stream, was President of the American Academy of Family Physicians. In addition to working very hard on the state level, I got to go to many family medicine meetings all over the United States, plus Canada and WONCA in Prague, and met family doctors from all over the country and the world.


It is important for me to be a member of CAFP and AAFP because:

The Academy works very hard to support family physicians. I value the advocacy work, the education and the chance to connect with colleagues.


What has been your best experience as a CAFP member? Why?

I’m new to California after 20 years in Washington.  I have known many CAFP leaders from AAFP connections. CAFP has welcomed me with open arms! I have really enjoyed the meetings I have been able to attend.


The most important resource I find CAFP offers me is:

Advocacy for state health issues – I especially appreciate the frequent legislative updates I receive!


How do you make a difference in family medicine and in your community?

I am Program Director of the Family Medicine Residency Program at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage. I think the biggest impact I am having on my community is helping to produce the family physicians the community needs to care for the people. We get our residents out into the community doing a lot of community service and activities.


Tell us about a project in which you are involved and why it is important to you:

I am serving as an Associate Editor for the Residency Curriculum Resource. This is developing a comprehensive family medicine curriculum that will be available (by subscription) online. It’s a great resource for family medicine residencies – no need to recreate things, it’s easily accessible and useable. It will help assure that all family medicine residents can access a basic shared set of knowledge.


What are good qualities a family physician should have?

Patience, compassion, good sense of humor, confidence, humility. And be good at self-care!


What one sentence of advice would you give to medical students interested in family medicine?

Take advantage of a variety of opportunities to learn different aspects of medicine, find a family physician role model/mentor, get involved in your FMIG and join the AAFP/CAFP!


How do you spend your free time?

What free time? I’m pretty sports-crazy, so I watch a lot of sports in person and on TV, and I even served on the leadership committee of the Arena Football League Fan Advisory Council.  We also live on a golf course, so I try to play when I can.  I mostly just enjoy quiet time at home with my husband.


If you weren’t a doctor what would you be doing with your career?

I’d probably be a teacher, most likely a college professor.


What would your best friend say about you?

I’m a good listener and very loyal.


Tell us briefly about your family:

My husband, Glen Stream, is also a family physician practicing at Eisenhower and is President and Board Chair of Family Medicine for America’s Health. We have two sons. Our older son has a sports management degree from Washington State University and works for FC Dallas MLS team. Our younger son has a finance degree from Gonzaga University and works at Keytronic EMS, an electronics manufacturing company in Spokane, WA. My parents have lived full time in Rancho Mirage since 2001 and were Seattle snowbirds for a number of years before that. My mother passed away in 2013 but my 91 year-old father is still here!


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