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"Is there a doctor on board?"
Both offering medical help and receiving it for her family while mid-flight, CAFP member Kim Yu, MD, FAAFP shares her experiences with in-flight emergencies, stepping up and joining forces with other physicians in a time of need.
California Parkinson's Disease Registry
A new law, California Health and Safety Code 103860–103870, requires healthcare providers diagnosing or providing treatment to Parkinson's disease patients to report each case of Parkinson's disease to California Department of Public Health beginning July 1, 2018.
Improving the physician-patient relationship through humanizing yourself
CAFP member Jessica Les, MD shares the change she made in how she talks to patients and the importance it has for all physicians.
registration is now open for the summit
CAFP's Family Medicine Summit provides an unprecedented opportunity for California medical students, residents, program directors and thought leaders in family medicine to convene for a day of learning, leading, reflecting and connecting.

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