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Building the pipeline

Family physicians are an essential pillar of the health care system, and so we advocate for an appropriate number and distribution of family physicians to meet the needs of all Californians. We do so by helping to identify, advocate for, and develop opportunities for medical students and residents to train and excel in practice. We recognize that medical students and residents are the future of family medicine in California, and so are an essential part of our work to improve the health care system in California. In this section you’ll find information on workforce bills, CAFP’s policies and strategic action plans for building a pipeline of family physicians in California, and details on how to get involved to ensure a highly qualified family physician workforce for the future.

california residency network

In this time of health reform and systems change, it is becoming more important than ever that California trains family physicians that can provide comprehensive primary care to the state’s diverse population. California has more than 52 family medicine residency programs. The programs have banded together as the California Residency Network, an organization of family medicine residency leaders and educators advocating for the statewide advancement of family medicine through leadership development, improvement of resident education, faculty and pipeline development, promotion of wellness within the specialty, collaborative interdisciplinary innovation, continuous curricular improvement and legislative engagement.