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donor of the month

Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, MD is the Family Physicians Political Action Committee (FP-PAC) November Donor of the Month! Dr. Mroszczyk-McDonald is a member of the CAFP Legislative Affairs Committee as well as a contributor to both the state and national PACs. He participates in government relations activities with the Southern California Permanente Medical Group as well as California Medical Association. “Family doctors provide care in many different ways and many different practice types. It’s critical for us to stand up and advocate for family medicine within various organizations.”




Why do you contribute to FP-PAC?


Because it supports family physicians and patients across the state. Supporting the PAC ensures that family medicine has a voice and a seat at the table when it comes to important health policy that affects all of us.



What would you say to someone who may be hesitant to contribute to a Political Action Committee?


Health policy affects ALL family physicians and our ability to improve the health of ALL our patients. It is critical that we ALL give a little so that we can ensure strong family medicine representation across the state of California and in Sacramento to fight for family medicine and improve the health of all Californians.



Less than five percent of family physicians contribute to FP-PAC. Why should more family physicians contribute?


FP-PAC has done amazing work recently; they have taken on big pharma, big tobacco and anti-vaxxers and WON! They have stood up for patients, family doctors and done the right thing time and time again. Imagine the amazing work they could do with more support from more members?



Have you ever attended an FP-PAC event or represented FP-PAC at a fundraiser? If so, what did you learn by attending the event?


Yes, at FP-PAC events there is an energy and enthusiasm that is palpable. The champions of family medicine come in various forms and from all corners of the state. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in attending an event should do so.



What was one of the earliest advocacy/PAC activities you undertook in medicine?


I first started doing advocacy work in undergrad as I obtained a certificate in Community Action. However, soon after medical school, family and residency took over. I returned to advocacy with FamMedPAC and FP-PAC at the end of residency when I had a clearer picture of the impact that a family physician can have when speaking with a public official.