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CAFP has been a proponent of collaborative education for more than 15 years. Early projects included work in osteoarthritis, diabetes, immunizations and overactive bladder. As an Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) accredited provider, the CAFP subscribes to the 22 criteria for education and is proud of its extensive experience in ACCME Criterion 20: “The provider builds bridges with other stakeholders through collaboration and cooperation.”


Chronic low back pain and osteoarthritis knee pain are two very common complaints you tackle with your patients every day. We know everyone struggles helping patients work through pharma- and non-pharma options, imaging, bracing, lifestyle changes to improve quality of life and more. In addition to live presentations and a new online activity with RealCME, our collaborative Pathways in Management offers you and your patients a website with tools and resources, quality improvement activities an much more.



Collaborative for REMS Education (CO*RE)

Since late 2009, working with 13 other organizations to ensure that the Food and Drug Administration’s REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) for extended-release/long-acting opioids would be implemented in a manner that supports quality education and provider support.  CO*RE has been instrumental in providing live, online and enduring education, plus tools and resources to more than 750,000 prescribers during the past five years. More information on CO*RE, and access to tools and resources, and educational activities are available at