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My Family Medicine Story

Isabel Chen, MD, MPH


Family medicine is rooted in powerful, healing relationships. These relationships can serve as entry points into not just healthcare, but the whole spectrum of social services and supports. Being able to meet patients where they are at and help them navigate a complex care system is incredibly rewarding.


The role that physicians play in civil society is not only one as an arbiter of health and wellness but as an active member of civil society able to fight for human rights and equality. I fell in love with family medicine because I am able to care for any individual from all walks of life and at any stage or circumstance and use my voice to advocate upstream for the needs of greater society.


I fell in love with family medicine because of its potential to not only impact the health and well-being of individuals but to also allow me to advocate for upstream changes toward a stronger, more just civil society. My driving mission is to create healthier communities rooted in wellness, respect, and equity and I am committed to achieving that through access to and delivery of quality health care. There is no other specialty that allows me to provide universal, life-long care to anyone who seeks care or refuge and I am so honored to be among a community of like-minded individuals.


Family medicine will unite all patients and providers in the fight for equity and social justice vis a vis strong primary care system. I hope to combine a clinical career with health care advocacy and policy. With my pulse on the health of the community, both literally and figuratively, I will continue to leverage my role as a proud family physician to build healthier communities.