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My Family Medicine Story

Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald, MD


Please tell us about the moment you decided to be a family doctor?


For me, it was before applying for residency. I was struggling with the decision whether to apply to become a pediatrician or a family medicine doctor. I had an adviser who helped to strip away perceptions, titles and stereotypes. They helped me break down what kind of doctor I wanted to be, not a title, but a feeling, not a job description, but a calling. They had me articulate the essence of what kind of doctor I wanted to be. My advisor helped me see the type of medicine I wanted to practice, not only on a daily basis, but what I wanted to do for my patients, myself and the health of my communities, state and nation.


I wanted to treat people cradle to grave; I wanted to be comfortable without always knowing the answer; I wanted to do procedures; I wanted to advocate for those who could not; I wanted to treat people, not just disease; I wanted to make a difference; I wanted to be a comprehensives; I wanted to be a Family Doctor. When I did this, the decision was completely obvious and staring me in the face. I am so incredibly grateful that I made the right choice. I am so grateful to have amazing people like YOU as my collages. I am so grateful that I am, a Family Doctor. ♥